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Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


432 m

The olive tree groves enjoy a favorable southern exposure.

Soil Composition
Mixed, clayey-calcareous, very stony

Olive Varieties
Gentile di Chieti, Cucco, Leccino, Dritta di Loreto

Early and brief, in order to maintain maximum possible aromas, with the help of nets in order to avoid the breakage of drupes. It goes from the last week of October to the second week of November

Pressing Method
Fruit is traditionally cold-pressed by means of granite millstones. The olive oil is obtained at low pressure, naturally dripping from the olive paste, and it is unfiltered.

Il Feuduccio di S. Maria d’Orni is located in a regional park, “Parco Territoriale dell’Annunziata”, which testifies to the area’s remarkable natural beauty, biodiversity and thriving vegetation.

It comprises 6 hectares (just under 15 acres) of olive groves.

The olives are handpicked and processed within a few hours.