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The highly specialized agronomic standard of Il Feuduccio looks toward innovative taming systems, replacing the traditional ones and selecting the best clones.

The first agronomic intervention to improve Il Feuduccio’s estate were about the replacing of the old owning vineyards with the new ones with rows operating with mono and bidirectional rammed cord, with an impressive production increase related to the previous cultivation system. In fact, the number of vines-stocks per hectare rose from 3630 to 5000 units with a crop yield between 50 and 60 quintals per hectare. Pruning, thinning, grapes selection and other fine checking are the key to produce top quality grapes to obtain excellent D.O.C. and I.G.T. red and white wines.

The harvest is manual and the harvesters pick the grapes and deposit them in perforated boxes, carefully avoiding squashing berries. Full boxes emptied manually on a top trimming to complete a quality check. Processing of grapes, must fermentation, conservation, wine elèvage take place in underground locals. The cellar is totally carved in the rock and it lies 14 meters under the vineyards. 

The fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats, with daily pump-overs at a controlled temperature and the elèvage in new French oaks and barriques in a period that ranges from five to twenty-four months and the life span of a barriques is about three years. Every year the 30% is renewed. 

The bottles age in artistic niches. All the underground locals are carefully monitored to guarantee temperature, humidity and air exchange.